For those who don't know, I work at a movie theater. This weekend wasn't a big movie release weekend and as a result, business was relatively slow. Friday and Saturday went pretty smoothly.

Then all heck broke loose yesterday.

First, there were a couple of co-workers who were too interested in talking then keeping an eye on what auditoriums needed to be cleaned. Then a certain individual continued to feel the need to persistently tell me to keep a certain area clean, although I'm not the type of person who needs that constant reminder.

Finally was the power outage. All the movies that were playing shut down and we had to try to get them restarted. Only a few were managed to get started, the others we had to give out passes to guests. And to top that off, I was in the elevator when the power went out. Fortunately, I was only stuck there for a couple of minutes because I had a radio, so I was able to call for a manager.

Still, an interesting end to a slow weekend.

First post

Friday, 14 February 2014 13:26
Hi, this is my first post here at dreamwidth. I've had an account at livejournal for a few years, but I thought I would set up an account here.

I hope you have fun reading my posts here. :)



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